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Erkan Yavaş, born in Istanbul in 1982, has been performing as a Dj since 1999 at numerous organisations in many cities of Turkey, foremost in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. In addition to the music he has made for the special parties, he has been sharing the same stage with both native and foreign performers at the university festivals over 10 years.

How me Formed

He has made several live performances at many braw clubs both in Europe and in the USA, in cities including Los Angeles, Zurich, Wien, Hamburg, Nürnberg etc. He took the stage at the warm-up parties of worldwide known stars like Rihanna, Justin Bieber etc. before their concerts in Turkey . Since 2010, he has been working in the event crew of Reina, which is regarded as one of the most eximinious clubs of the World, and he has also been performing as a resident dj at Suada club, located in Kuruçeşme-İstanbul. Apart from these, he has worked as a dj with the Virgin Radio Team at several organisations since then. He has taken part in the Turkey organisation tours of prominent brands. In 2007, he played as a Dj at F1 Turkey.

Our Future

Apart from performing as a dj, Erkan Yavaş does work as a radio-producer, radio-programmer and stuntman at the radio departments of Doğuş Media Group As a producer, his works of arrangement has been proceeding. Erkan Yavaş is on air every week in various radios around the world

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"We really enjoyed watching them play. Amazing Gig!"
Jordan Rudess

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